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Gardy Perez and Tom Lugo team up again to bring you a dreamy dreampop anthem for your listening pleasure.

"The track begins with an almost ambient sound, as effects-laden guitar weaves and swirls. The sound is quite remarkable and well mixed and crafted. Have a listen on headphones. It’s superb. A bass lumbers in the background as the drums come crashing in. The vocals are nicely entombed in the mix, but the melody is still there, memorable. The guitar snakes and stabs in the background. This tune reminds me a great deal of the Psychedelic Shoegaze of Flying Saucer Attack crossed with ‘Loveless’-era My Bloody Valentine. The listener is taken on a sustaining, unhurried psychedelic sonic trip. There are starts and stops all pushed nicely along by the hazy, experimental guitar sound. At the end, as the rythmn section starts to slide out, what is left is a colourful, sonic landscape which makes the listener want to hear more."-Theresa’s Sound World

"Having previously explored the separate creative work of Gardy Perez and Tom Lugo on their recent projects with Cielo Oceano and Un.Real, the duo now team up under the name MAYU with a new collaborative track “Theia.”

Slow building atmospherics introduce the piece, generating a rising-out-of-the-myst impression. There's an extended swirling wash all around with extended tone notes that sound like keyboards, though liner notes only credit guitars. A subtle bass-guitar is detected :45 seconds in, with an easy-groove drum track soon following that. Vocals commence at that point as well, delivered with a dreampop delivery and sheen that never overtakes the primary guitar whirlpool. “Burn me with your light. Touch me with your eyes. I want nothing more. Than to be forever yours.”

The drum programming stands out with clarity and depth, where bright cymbal and snare patterns contrast against deep and resonant toms. All the while those churning, ethereal guitars create a rising wave of celestial melody. Halfway through the percussion drops out, leaving a plateau of spaciousness where vocals are given a central moment. “The rain keeps coming down. In the tears I drown. To madness I descend. Fall on… my skin again. ” With that the gentle rhythmic propulsive drum track reemerges, along with more exalted guitar textures. While the backing drone continues, a distinctive melody is carved out in rapid-strummed succession. The tracks final minute serves up a wash of of exquisite vapor trails into a final fluttering pattern." - Dave Cromwell

Gardy Perez is the mastermind behind Puerto Rico's first dreampop/shoegaze band Un.Real. He was the lead guitarist for several instrumental bands in the Puerto Rico underground scene, like Defacto and Arnold Layne, and he continues to forge ahead with Un.Real and The Artificial Shadow Band. He is also an accomplished graphic design artist and co owner of 3 Robots Records.

Tom Lugo is a Philadelphia based Puerto Rican singer-songwriter who's projects include the post punk-indie rock band Stellarscope, electro indie pop project Panophonic, dream pop project Cielo Oceano, electro trap gaze project Under The Wire, and more. He is the owner of Patetico Recordings and the curator behind Popnoise Festival.


The beginning of the end
No more fences left to mend
From the heavens to descend
Fall on… my skin again
Burn me with your light
Touch me with your eyes
I want nothing more
Than to be forever yours

The rain keeps coming down
In the tears I drown
To madness I descend
Fall on… my skin again
Burn me with your light
Touch me with your eyes
I want nothing more
Than to be forever yours


released March 24, 2020
Gardy Perez Ruiz- Guitar drones and concept
Tom Lugo- Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Arranged, Mixed, Mastered by: Tom Lugo
Artwork by: Gardy Perez


all rights reserved



Patetico Recordings Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Patetico Recordings is a Philadelphia based independent label and promotional company based out of the City of Brotherly Love.

This blissrock label focuses on releasing lo-fi post rock, dreampop, shoegazer, electro-dreampop, nu-gaze, electropop, dreamy, psychedelic, slocore, indie rock, post rock, post punk, DIY, ethereal, left of dial music for the masses!
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